Not in the name of Islam

Hey you all ‘misunderstanders’ of Islam…

you who call yourselves good muslims

I respect your faith


I am deeply grieved at your confident misunderstanding of this path

The path of Ibraheem

in whose name you kill the Yazidis in Iraq today

in whose name you killed the Shia yesterday..

in whose name you hate the ‘disbelievers’ every day..

you have taken upon yourself those judgements which are the exclusive domain of GOD alone..

only God the giver of all life can take life.. and only GOD when he raises a messenger among mankind and gives him ‘clear proofs’ can do what you are doing..

its not your place

its not your time

its not your job

you are committing the greatest sin of shirk… making your own selves shareek with Allah Azz wa Jal.

And many of the scholars you read have misunderstood

but that will not excuse you

because you know deep down

what you do is wrong


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Its not oil, its not energy, the scarce resource is ‘Imagination’

Imagine Islam dot com is a web space where I strive to express how I imagine the future spiritual world civilization which will be inspired by Islam through the power of The Quran.

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